Animal Freedom Day (July 23-24, 2011)

I finally found the time to update my blog! With spring quarter at UCLA coming to a close in a couple of weeks, I’ve been extremely busy.

There are still no updates on how dolphins and whales are faring in Taiji, except that they are still being killed! The fisherman have permits to kill these animals EVERY day in May. So the only thing to do right now is to keep fighting to stop the slaughter! Especially by contacting your consulate and the Japanese embassy and asking them to help save the Taiji dolphins!
Consulate General of Japan-San Francisco, CA: (415) 777-3533

Even though this blog is mainly devoted to issues that affect marine animals, I’m not going to discriminate when a worthy enough cause comes up. Animal Freedom Day (July 23 & 24, 2011) was started last year by the Canadian 18-year old, Nadia Masoudi. It’s an international event that aims to raise awareness about the environmental crisis, human health and animal welfare. Nadia’s goal is to end the slaughter and animal abuse and promote alternative food sources. Last year, Animal Freedom Day’s first year of running, Nadia encouraged everyone to be vegetarian for ONE day. The event gathered the support of more than 30 countries and thousands of people from all over the world. This year, she is encouraging everyone to be vegetarian for TWO days. It is her hope that by the year 2375, the world will be fully vegetarian. You can participate by watching the live online webcast on July 23rd-24th. The event will feature many musicians and celebrities. Get people together to watch and participate in ANIMAL FREEDOM DAY!

Nadia Masoudi’s perseverance inspires me. At just 17 years old, she organized an international event to that that caught the attention of thousands of people. How many teenagers can list this as one of their accomplishments? Her dedication to protect animals from this mistreatment awe-inspiring. I support this cause, and I hope that you will all take the PLEDGE to be a vegetarian for just TWO days! I already did. 🙂 Let’s support animals and show support for Nadia’s efforts! (Clicking on “PLEDGE” will take you to the site to do so)

In the words of Nigel Barker;


About Brittany Hahn

I’m Brittany Hahn. I graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Psychobiology, and am now attending veterinary school. I decided to start this blog so that I can tell people the things affecting the creatures that I care so much about. My hope is people will be touched after reading about my feelings of desperation about these ongoing cruelties, at least in some ways. It truly hurts me that our generation is so apathetic towards the sufferings of marine animals. I know that there are so many other horrible things in this world, but I think that if we all cared a little more, and if we all helped a little more, we could make this world a little brighter. It’s easier not to care, but that doesn’t mean that it’s right.
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