Less Than Two Weeks Into Killing Season

Less than two weeks have passed since Taiji, Japan’s annual dolphin hunting season began and already, the lives of 22 dolphins have been unjustly taken for meat; 24 were taken into captivity for a life behind glass walls. Each season, the Taiji fisherman catch up to 2,300 of Japan’s annual quota of 20,000 dolphins.  The cetaceans put up the fight of their lives in order to escape from the merciless fisherman. It’s depressing to imagine the anxious dolphins spy hopping in the Cove as they await their fate, and it is even more horrific to know the inhumane manner in which they are killed. For many, their death is drawn out as long as 10 slow, agonizing minutes. Sakae Hemmi, a spokeswoman for the Japanese environmental protection group, Elsa Nature Conservancy, has commented, “Even if they let them go, the structure of the dolphins’ group is disrupted.” 

Please act now to end this brutal slaughter by signing the petition to Save the Taiji Dolphins

For more information on the dolphin hunt, please go HERE

About Brittany Hahn

I’m Brittany Hahn. I graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Psychobiology, and am now attending veterinary school. I decided to start this blog so that I can tell people the things affecting the creatures that I care so much about. My hope is people will be touched after reading about my feelings of desperation about these ongoing cruelties, at least in some ways. It truly hurts me that our generation is so apathetic towards the sufferings of marine animals. I know that there are so many other horrible things in this world, but I think that if we all cared a little more, and if we all helped a little more, we could make this world a little brighter. It’s easier not to care, but that doesn’t mean that it’s right.
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