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I’m Brittany Hahn. I graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Psychobiology, and am now attending veterinary school. I decided to start this blog so that I can tell people the things affecting the creatures that I care so much about. My hope is people will be touched after reading about my feelings of desperation about these ongoing cruelties, at least in some ways. It truly hurts me that our generation is so apathetic towards the sufferings of marine animals. I know that there are so many other horrible things in this world, but I think that if we all cared a little more, and if we all helped a little more, we could make this world a little brighter. It’s easier not to care, but that doesn’t mean that it’s right.

Maui’s Dolphins are in Danger; We Need to Act Now!

I’m sure that you have all noticed that I have not been posting like I used to. I have started veterinary school, and it unfortunately is taking up all of my time. I hope that you are all doing well. … Continue reading

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Situation Reversed

How would you feel if you were the one in captivity? If you would not want to be in this situation, think about how these animals feel!

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A Message from Hardy Jones about Dolphin Hunting

  During 2012, Hardy Jones traveled to the country and confirmed the gruesome truth for himself. “And in 2013, BlueVoice funded surveys that document the widespread hunting and consumption of dolphin all along the coast of Peru. Dolphin-hunting fishermen pour … Continue reading

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Shark Finning is Big in Mozambique

Yesterday, a female great white shark was killed, and her fins were brutally cut off by fisherman on the beach in Inhambane, Mozambique. The day before that, another female white shark become entangled in a fisherman’s net and subsequently suffocated. … Continue reading

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Dolphin Slaughter in Peru

Each year, around 3,000 dolphins are cruelly killed along the Peruvian coast, even though this has illegal since 1995. Unlike in Taiji, Japan, these innocent animals are not hunted within view of the shore. Rather, the illegal slaughter is hidden … Continue reading

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Less Than Two Weeks Into Killing Season

Less than two weeks have passed since Taiji, Japan’s annual dolphin hunting season began and already, the lives of 22 dolphins have been unjustly taken for meat; 24 were taken into captivity for a life behind glass walls. Each season, the … Continue reading

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Risk of Infectious Diseases vs. Marine Conservation

Along with directly impacting the well being, humans also have the potential to indirectly threaten marine populations. The ecologic and climactic changes that arise due to human activities can result in the spread of infectious diseases. As marine life becomes … Continue reading

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A Surprising Great White Shark Attack

Orcas are the big, magnificent creatures that you see blasting out of the water at Sea World. But they’re more than that; they’re clever, courageous creatures that love their freedom. Unrestricted in the wild, they even have ingenious hunting methods, … Continue reading

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Minds In the Water, Dave Rastovich’s Journey to Activism

I am sorry that it’s been so long since I’ve written. I’ve been having health issues, but I will hopefully be blogging more often from now on. Today, I attended the Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles to see the … Continue reading

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Potential End of Dolphin-Hunting Season And Taiji Whale Ranch

With the exception of the slaughter of pilot whales, dolphin hunting in Taiji, Japan may be over for the season (Save Japan Dolphins). Don’t start cheering, yet; our work isn’t over. The slaughter will resume next September. But there is … Continue reading

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